Eradication of Chronic Degenerative Diseases

All chronic degenerative diseases will be eradicated within the next ten years.


Note that we chose to use the word “will” rather than “could.”   Yesterday, it was universally accepted that chronic degenerative diseases are inevitable and uncurable.  Today the Institute is saying that they will all be gone within 10 years.  How can the Institute make such an audacious prediction?


Knowledge is that powerful. 


Life science is one of the natural sciences.  The natural sciences are ruled by certain laws of nature.  These laws are immutable facts.  Typically these facts are expressed as theories.  For example, the theory of gravity.   You can choose not to believe in the theory of gravity, but that does not mean that you will be able to fly.  That’s the difference between fact and belief.


Life sciences generally, and the medical establishment in particular, are quite adept when operating in the realm of the natural sciences.  Whenever we know the cause of an ailment or injury, our scientists and doctors can generally solve the problem with alacrity.


The problem with the chronic degenerative diseases has been that the cause was unknown.  If we don’t know the cause, we are no longer operating in the realm of the natural sciences.  We rely on the tools of the social sciences (data and statistics) rather than the tools of the natural sciences (repeatable experiments).   The problem with statistics is that one is relying on probabilities rather than certainties.  There are no immutable facts.  It all comes down to beliefs.  We’re operating in the realm of superstition rather than the natural sciences.


The Hypothesis is purely a work of the natural sciences.  It does not rely on statistics or politics or superstition. It states immutable facts.  Whether or not one “believes” these facts is not going to change them.


Perhaps the most critical fact stated in the Hypothesis is that humans of all ages can activate a Growth Process.  That is an immutable truth.  Dozens of experiments have been done and repeated.  All of them confirm that every time a healthy person exercises with sufficient intensity to raise blood levels of lactate, that person will release dozens of chemicals into the bloodstream, including all of the substances that are known to be involved in growth and rejuvenation.  All of these substances are released simultaneously, and in proportion to the amount of Complex X.  


For whatever reason, prior to the work of the Institute, no one had acknowledged that the Growth Process was a coordinated process.  But the existence of the Growth Process, as a separate and distinct process that must and can be activated, is an immutable truth that no intellectually honest scientist can deny.  That fact has enormous implications. 


Knowing that the failure to activate the Growth Process causes the infirmities of aging, and that Complex X deficiency is what causes that failure to activate, puts us back in the realm of the natural sciences.  This is where modern medical technology excels. 


To date, all efforts at treating FDS have consisted of treating the individual symptoms.  Among those symptoms are all of the chronic deficiency disorders and diseases.   One doesn’t cure a deficiency disease by trying to reverse its symptoms. You don't cure scurvy by fixing bleeding gums.  That’s a futile exercise.  The correct approach is to remedy the deficiency and then let the body do what it is designed to do.  That’s how all successful medical interventions work.


If the solution is that simple, why isn’t the prediction five years or less?  Because of the resistance we have received and will continue to receive from the medical establishment.  A lot of wealthy and powerful interests are making enormous sums of money from the status quo.  That status quo involves feeding off of the very disorders and diseases that the Institute is trying to eradicate.  So long as willful ignorance remains an option, that is the option that will be chosen by the powers that be.   And the same powers that be that control the medical establishment hold a great deal of influence over the political decision makers.


Any ideas, opinions or theories that are at odds with the status quo are labeled "junk science."  The medical establishment has procedures that ensure that any research that is inconsistent with the current paradigm will never be published in any recognized scientific or medical journal.  But those procedures do not change the underlying facts.


The Institute has chosen to publish through this website.  By so doing, we have circumvented the processes and procedures established by healthcare establishment to prevent knowledge that is inconsistent with the status quo from becoming known to the public.  Now that the knowledge is available, there is a public policy question to be answered.  Is 100,000 lives per day too great a price to pay to ensure the profitability of the drug companies?  

FDS is the greatest epidemic in the history of the world, killing 100,000 people per day.