Necessary Elements of the Normal Evolutionary Environment

The original working hypothesis of the Hypothesis is the following:


"A sufficient amount of the right kind of exercise is necessary for the proper development and maintenance of every organ and system in the human body."


The precise meaning of the word “necessary” is of critical importance.  If X is necessary for Y, then Y is not going to happen in the absence of X.  If any child fails to engage in a sufficient amount of intense exercise, that child’s organs and systems will not develop properly.  Any adult human who does not engage in a sufficient amount of the right type of exercise will fail to activate the Growth/maintenance process and will ultimately suffer from dysfunction in every organ and system in his or her body.  FDS, or the aging process, is inevitable unless one engages in a sufficient amount of intense exercise.


Exercise is essential, but it is not unique.  One could substitute the words “air” or “food” or “light” for the word “exercise” in the first principal and it would be an equally valid statement.  An insufficient amount of the right type of any one of them will lead to a bad result regardless of how much you have of each of the others.  All of these elements are critical aspects of the normal human environment.  An insufficient amount of any one of them will cause phenotype to deviate from genotype.


Two important points.  First, it is not just a matter of quantity; it is a matter of quality.   All the air in the world isn’t going to do one any good unless it is the right mixture of gases.  All the food in the world doesn’t prevent malnutrition if certain essential nutrients are missing.  There is a qualitative difference between sunlight and artificial light that can result in Vitamin D deficiency.  And there is a qualitative difference between exercise that is sufficiently intense to raise blood levels of Complex X and all other forms of exercise. 


The second point is that intense exercise is just as critical to human health as are the other three elements.  All of these elements are necessary aspects of the normal human environment.  An insufficient amount of any one of them will cause phenotype to deviate from genotype.  Modern humans believe that intense exercise is the exception, rather than the norm, but that is not the case with respect to any animal that is subject to the forces of nature.  And throughout all periods of time that are relevant for human evolution, our ancient ancestors were subject to the forces of nature.  For the purposes of evolution, of developing the standard human genotype, frequent intense exercise is as normal and essential as air, food and light.


Because we have recognized the importance of air, food and light, they are rarely a major problem for modern humans.  We are making an effort to clean up air pollution.  We understand the need for sufficient exposure to sunlight or for alternative sources of Vitamin D.  If anything, there is an overemphasis on issues relating to nutrition.  But despite overwhelming evidence of the role played by exercise, there is a paucity of scientific knowledge relating to the overlap between health and exercise. 


Visualize a numeric scale.  Each of the four elements is rated on a level of 1 to 10, with 10 being 100% of what constituted the evolutionary environmental norm.   Because humans are so resilient, we are probably able to thrive as long as we are above about a 6 on that scale.  But we have to be above a 6 with respect to each element of that scale.  With respect to air and food, just about all of us are at a level in excess of 9.  With respect to sunlight, some of us may be somewhat lower on the scale, but we compensate through Vitamin D supplements.  But very few adult humans exceed the level of 2 when it comes to intense exercise. So long as that element is so far below the minimum that humans need to thrive, humans suffer from FDS regardless of how much attention we devote to the other elements.


Lack of intense exercise is a major problem for just about every human on the planet.  The aging process, or FDS, is simply a matter of not getting enough intense exercise.  FDS can be corrected either through exercise or through alternative means of raising blood levels of Complex X.


One additional point.  Just because X is necessary for Y, that doesn’t mean that Y is going to happen every time X is present.  Intense exercise is not going to guarantee that you live forever.  That’s the absurd standard that the medical establishment imposes on any idea that may impact the status quo.  If our ancient ancestors got a sufficient amount of intense exercise, why didn’t they all live to be hundreds of years old?  Because they died of other causes.  Just like animals do in nature today.  No animal in nature shows any sign of the aging process.  But that does not insulate them from starvation, predators and other causes of death.  Until quite recently in human history, chronic degenerative diseases were not a big issue, because generally people just didn’t live long enough.


Even today, people die from causes other than “old age.”  Intense exercise is necessary for health, and a sufficient amount of intense exercise will insulate otherwise healthy people from chronic degenerative disorders.  People who get a sufficient amount of Complex X (either through intense exercise or through pharmaceutical intervention) will no longer suffer from chronic degenerative disorders or die from "old age."  But they will still die.  The environment is out to kill you, and sooner or later it will prevail.  FDS is just another disorder/disease like smallpox. Eradicating FDS will have an enormous impact; but it will not ensure immortality.