The Hypothesis is entitled “Complex X and the Growth Process – a Proposed General Theory of Human Dysfunctionality.” It is not a “theory” in the commonplace meaning of the term.  It is a proposed scientific theory. Scientific theories are the most reliable, rigorous, and comprehensive form of scientific knowledge.   The Institute believes that the Hypothesis meets those standards.  The Hypothesis creates a conceptual framework that fills a huge hole in our current understanding of the life sciences.


New scientific theories are rare; they are almost unheard of in the life sciences.  Research in the life sciences is oriented towards either (i) generating or accumulating data; or (ii) developing technological applications – creating interventions (typically drugs) based upon a framework of scientific knowledge that has been known and accepted for years, if not generations.  To the extent that there have been advances in scientific knowledge, those advances have typically involved the acquisition of greater knowledge (or, more likely, statistical data) within a particular narrow field of specialization. No one has suggested that a sweeping revision of the theoretical underpinnings of the life sciences is necessary or possible.  



The medical establishment expends an enormous amount of money in a futile effort to treat the aging associated diseases as if they were infectious diseases.  Treating Alzheimer’s disease or cardiovascular disease as if it is an isolated disease that is not part of an overall physiological deterioration of the body is doomed to failure. 




There is a growing recognition in the scientific community that all progressive systemic disorders have the same root cause – aging.  Even if it were possible to remediate one or more of these disorders, an older subject will merely contract one or more of the others.  A growing consensus believes that the only viable solution is to attack the "aging process itself."


If you are an adult, you are suffering from Functional Deviation Syndrome.  FDS is a disorder that causes your phenotype to deviate from your genetic potential.  All of the infirmities and disorders that you associate with aging are caused by FDS.  The reason that you believe that you are fated to degenerate over time and ultimately die from old age is that everyone on the planet who has not died prematurely has ultimately succumbed to FDS.  But FDS is just another disease like scurvy or smallpox.  

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