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Our founder did not set out on a blind mission to discover why humans age. He gave the Institute a much easier task. Through serendipity, the founder had discovered what would reverse the infirmities of aging.  The question was -- why did the solution work?  In order to learn that, we did have to learn the mechanism that causes humans to lose functionality with the passage of time. Remarkably, there was no generally accepted scientific theory that explains why humans "age."  We also had to ascertain the mechanism whereby exercise provides such a broad range of health benefits.  As the founder had suspected, the same mechanism explains both phenomena. 

The reason that the founder felt compelled to found the Institute was simple.  At the age of 54, he changed his exercise routine.  He has continued the new exercise protocol for almost 10 years, and the results have been remarkable.  In the fitness community, it is readily accepted that any person of any age who follows a rigorous exercise regime will achieve dramatic improvements in fitness.  But what was of even greater interest to the founder was that he experienced progressive improvement in the functionality of every organ and system in his body.   At 54, the founder was reasonably healthy "for his age."  But that meant substantial decreases in functionality across the board. Today, as he approaches his mid-60s, he is not only fitter, stronger and more energetic, he is also healthier, smarter, etc. than he has been at any other point in his life.

The founder created the Institute to find out why he had reversed the functional declines associated with aging.  He knew what he was doing that was making the difference -- he was regularly exercising with intensity. Not the steady state exercise (jogging, cycling, swimming, etc.), that is generally associated with improved health, but true high intensity exercise that generates dramatic changes in body chemistry. Thousands of other older humans who are regularly engaging in similar exercise are experiencing similar results.  


Medical science ignores what goes on in the fitness world.  So the medical establishment has not acknowledged the significance of this new data.  The fitness community is well aware that high intensity training is qualitatively different from other forms of exercise, but it doesn't want to be associated with aging or illness. The primary focus of the fitness community is improving the competitive performance of elite young athletes. 


The Institute was created to bridge the enormous gap between the medical establishment and the fitness community.   The search to discover why intense exercise reverses the loss of functionality that is associated with aging inspired the Institute to develop a remarkable new theory of aging. This website was created to introduce the world to the ideas set forth in that Hypothesis.

Thousands of men and women in their 50s and 60s have reversed the infirmities of aging; and the number increases dramatically each year.

What the Institute Is

The Institute is a pure research institute that is truly independent.  It has never received nor sought funding for that research from any source other than the founder.  It has no mission other than to conduct pure research.  The Institute has no agenda.  It has no affiliations. It has no biases.  It has no need to be politically correct.  The Institute's sole motivation is to follow the path that leads to the truth without regard as to where that path might lead.

What the Institute is Not

The Institute doesn't sell snake oil.  Most websites that talk about people who have transformed themselves will ascribe those transformations to some miracle product.  And then they try to sell you whatever that miracle drug is.  The founder takes no supplements.  Other than an occassional Advil, he hasn't taken a pill in over a year.  The Institute has no products to sell.  All it has is knowledge. And that knowledge is available to anyone who accesses this website.

The Institute's Approach


The Institute's approach to developing the Hypothesis was the time-honored scientific method.  The scientific method involves (i) making conjectures (working hypotheses), (ii) deriving predictions from them as logical consequences, (iii) carrying out experiments based on those predictions to determine whether the working hypothesis was correct, and then (iv) analyzing results to determine what the results of the experiment show and deciding on the next actions to take.

The Institute's Philosophy

In developing the Hypothesis, the Institute made one critical assumption.  It assumed that the Theory of Evolution is both valid and powerful.  Valid means that natural selection really does result in the selection of traits that enhance the likelihood of survival and reproduction.  Power relates to the accuracy of predictions.  The Institute's philosophical approach is that if the Theory of Evolution predicts an outcome that is inconsistent with the current paradigm, then it is the current paradigm that must be re-evaluated.  

 Specialization and Bias


In order to amass credentials, publish results and obtain funding, a conventional researcher must become a specialist in a particular area.  With thousands of studies being published each year, the only way to come up with a unique study, while still following a predictable pathway, is to examine more and more narrowly specialized questions.  Thus the tendency is to learn more and more about a narrow subject matter.  That specialist then tends to have a bias to believe that whatever that area of specialization is must be important.  Further, the need to specialize makes it difficult for the researcher to make the broad generalizations or discern a pattern that does not fit within the box created by that specialization.