What the Institute is Not (Cont'd)

The fact that the Institute has no products to promote comes as a shock to many of the people we've approached.  No products.  And we don't do any studies. We don't even create any new data.  Under the current paradigm, those are the only elements of life science research that are considered worthy of value. Other fields of natural science recognize the value of new ideas.  But life science is all about producing marketable interventions and/or conducting studies that create new data so that the results of the studies can be published.  The Institute believes that the over-emphasis on studies and developing new forms of snake oil, while neglecting the underlying scientific knowledge, has contributed to the dysfunctionality of the United States healthcare system.

We differ from other researchers in another significant way.  Most researchers claim that they have some particular insight, and that if they are provided additional funding, they will be able to conduct the studies that are necessary to turn that insight into something valuable.  We're not seeking money for additional research.  Our research is substantially completed. We're just trying to disseminate the knowledge that is contained in the Hypothesis.  

Anti-aging snake oil cannot be effective in the absence of the Growth Process.